Traver Boehm is a prolific writer, TEDx speaker and men’s coach, currently practicing intentional nomadism.

Drawing upon an eclectic background ranging from professional body guarding and Mixed Martial Arts to Traditional Chinese Medicine and meditation, Traver teaches people to skillfully use the inevitable pain of their lives as fuel for growth and positive change.

In 2016 he created a radical social experiment and spent the entire 12 months as if it were his last year to live, aptly naming it “The Year to Live Project.” A few of the highlights of the year include:

Volunteering with the dying as a hospice worker
Spending 28 days in complete isolation and pitch black darkness in Guatemala
Living in the frigid Utah wilderness for a month with only a knife, a water bottle, and a blanket

His second book, due out in 2018, is based upon this incredible project. When not teaching or working with private clients, Traver can be found chewing on his thumbnail in front of his laptop, chasing surf around the globe, or being reminded that yoga is a lot harder than it looks.

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